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In this section of the blog I share some of the funniest, incongruous and sadly 100% real anecdotes and comments that I have experienced with some of my clients.

Inspired by the Clients from Hell blog

Another classic

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The marketing manager writes me about a listed project.

M. Manager: Hey, our manager asked me why the price is so high?

The project was on the same design with different custom fields, between images and texts, resulting in almost 50 different design products.

They were being charged a quarter of what would be charged for a normal design, considering that it was more of the adaptation work.

Me: They are being charged a quarter of what a normal design would charge, taking into account that it was more of the adaptation work.

Me: A job is charged based on time used, experience, equipment amortization, operating expenses, among others.

It takes a couple of minutes before I get the answer.

M. Manager: Ok, they told me to go ahead.

Me: very well.

The classic

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Client requests a project for a website, with certain specific functions. It was early in my career.

Me: It’s fine, let me generate the proposal, send you the quote and we generate the concepts of what the site would look like.

Client: Ok, look, the truth is that I cannot pay you for a project like this, because you are starting, but help me to do it and it will help you so that you have more work to show and thus I will help you to give yourself more notoriety.

Needless to say, he was no longer my client in any type of project.

Access denied

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When I was working in the IT area of a certain company.

The phone rings with the extension for the HR woman.

Me: Hello.

HR: Son, can you help me get into my computer, I can’t.

Me: Of course, what is it that marks you on the screen?

Gettingready to head to your office.

HR: What happens is that I do not remember my password.

Me: Password changed recently?

HR: No, but I can’t remember the password

Moments of silence on both sides of the call.

Me: You do not remember your password, the same one you have used every day to enter for months, that password?

HR: That´s right.

Me: Ok, I’m going there.

Give it to me!

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Client: I really like your signature logo, I would like to have one like that only with my last name.

The client and I are both named Cuauhtémoc, reduced to Temo.

Me: This is very good, I can generate some signature design proposals like mine.

Client: No, I want it so it looks the same as yours, only with my last name. Same font and everything.

Me:… I can’t give you my logo, the idea of logos is that they are unique.

I never heard from that client again … thank goodness.

Of course, of course…

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Finishing presenting the content creation project

Client: Okay, but we are going to do this, I want two more videos (double what is handled in the proposal), but I want you to charge me the same.

Me: I can’t charge you the same.

(Within the package made, the cost per material was already reduced).

Client: * Visible nonconformity *

That and more…

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Client: I really like your proposal, but I have a better one for you. What do you think if they better help us to hire someone and train them with everything you know how to do to stay here with us? Put us together and we’ll pay you for it.

Me: They want to hire someone … and for me to teach them what I learned in 4 years of career and 15 of experience … to work with you.

Customer: Exactly.

I want it in black and white

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A certain client, specifying the needs of their designs for graphics and videos.

Client: I want it to be in black and white, so that it looks more elegant, and that the letters do not look so fat, I want something fine.

Me: All right, noted.

Afterpresenting a multitude of concepts attached to their specifications, and the client having used some to publish them.

Client: We don’t really like the job, as it lacks life, we better go to work with a person who has been helping us before.

Me: It’s fine, no problem.

Client: Share with us how much we owe you to make the payment.

Me: Sure. I send them to you.

The client never paid, after asking a couple of times I was more ashamed than they were, even though the work had been used.

Days later I see the new designs that they are handling, in pastel colors and with thick letters.

Me: -_- what the hell …


Do you have any experience of your Clientes del Infierno?

Send us your anecdote and we will publish it, either with an alias or anonymously, which here serves as laughter therapy and experience to know how to deal with these devils.