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The opinions of Google My Business is one of the most crucial functions and with the greatest impact for the SEO of our business through this platform.

Approximately 70% of customers and consumers usually read reviews before making a purchase decision.

Having good reviews allows us to have a greater exposure through the search engine, which will take into account the relevance of our business, the importance or authority that we have within our business, the distance between users and business, as well as the quantity and quality of the reviews.

For this, if we want to get a greater number of better quality reviews, it is vital to take into account the following practices.

Invite satisfied customers, suppliers, collaborators, as well as interested parties

The success of your business is in your customers, therefore there is no better ambassador to publicize your brand than themselves.

The opinion of our collaborators and interested parties has its own value, making known the quality of life within the company, as well as our values.

Encourage your social media users to make a review

Most likely, the greatest exposure of your business is on social networks, which we can take advantage of directly to encourage those who follow us to leave us their opinion.

Create an invitation as part of your email signature

Take advantage of this space in a discreet way. A single line with a phrase like “What did you think of our product or service?” or “Give us your opinion here” linked to our reviews section will be enough to give quick access to our senders.

Use a poster with a striking image or by means of cards

In this way we can invite customers to visit our location in a non-invasive or taxable way so that they can publish their opinion. The most advisable thing is to generate access through a QR code.

Use Mail Marketing

In this case, the ideal time to make the invitation is approximately one week after having tried our products and / or services. The template may look like the following:

Did you like our service? Let more people know your opinion by leaving a review.

And just add a button image with the link.

Highlight the most relevant reviews on your website

Your website is the home of your business on the net, it is a professional cover letter more adjusted to your business than what social networks regularly allow us, and therefore, one of the ideal places to highlight the positive reviews of our clients.

Constantly update your profile on Google My Business

Google takes this factor into account when exposing your business through keyword searches. Remember to add new photos, relevant changes and of course, excellent reviews.

Cuauhtémoc Fonseca

Cuauhtémoc Fonseca

Soy un profesional de marketing con años de experiencia y habilidades en muchas de las diferentes áreas que conforman la mercadotecnia actual. Trabajo directamente en el desarrollo de estrategias efectivas & soluciones integrales de marketing.

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