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Clientes del infierno

I want it in black and white

By 9 September, 2021No Comments

A certain client, specifying the needs of their designs for graphics and videos.

Client: I want it to be in black and white, so that it looks more elegant, and that the letters do not look so fat, I want something fine.

Me: All right, noted.

Afterpresenting a multitude of concepts attached to their specifications, and the client having used some to publish them.

Client: We don’t really like the job, as it lacks life, we better go to work with a person who has been helping us before.

Me: It’s fine, no problem.

Client: Share with us how much we owe you to make the payment.

Me: Sure. I send them to you.

The client never paid, after asking a couple of times I was more ashamed than they were, even though the work had been used.

Days later I see the new designs that they are handling, in pastel colors and with thick letters.

Me: -_- what the hell …


Cuauhtémoc Fonseca

Cuauhtémoc Fonseca

Soy un profesional de marketing con años de experiencia y habilidades en muchas de las diferentes áreas que conforman la mercadotecnia actual. Trabajo directamente en el desarrollo de estrategias efectivas & soluciones integrales de marketing.

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