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When I refer to branding as the personality of a brand, I am referring mainly to two essential aspects: essence and passion. It is about an experience, a sensation and that which moves us to offer a product or service instead of any other.

If we want to be less romantic (which we do not want), branding is all those actions aimed at positioning a brand, its values, its reason for existing and this helps to build a perception within the consumer’s mind.

All these actions, from the creation of a logo, the choice of designs, typography, speeches, music, values, to name a few, gradually form their personality. It is then when we turn a product into an experience and the brand becomes a set of expectations, memories, stories, relationships, which together are responsible for making a customer choose one product or service over another (Seth Godin).

So why is it important?

Its main function is to differentiate a brand. Today it is not enough to just sell a product or service, anyone can do that. Today’s consumers also want to feel identified in some way, either by quality, by values, by social position and are even willing to pay more for a brand that represents them, compared to one that does not. Having that personality, purpose and being able to identify with people, their stories, their lives, create positive experiences is today one of the most powerful tools for the conservation and acquisition of new clients.

Cuauhtémoc Fonseca

Cuauhtémoc Fonseca

Soy un profesional de marketing con años de experiencia y habilidades en muchas de las diferentes áreas que conforman la mercadotecnia actual. Trabajo directamente en el desarrollo de estrategias efectivas & soluciones integrales de marketing.

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