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It is a common mistake to generate several Facebook pages for the same business, which can affect our presence and many times our credibility as a business, among other negative effects.


The exception to this rule are global pages, which have the following structure: Root, Markets, default page. These pages are only available to businesses with an international presence, and their main function is to present the content in the different languages of their different audiences.

Time and resources

Having several pages consumes more time and resources since Facebook’s marketing work is not the creation of a page, but of a community that will be divided in this way. In this way, it is more difficult to generate quality content on a constant basis, interact with followers and has an impact on analytics.

This supposes a greater expense and a better optimization of a budget that could have a greater scope of goals.

Duplication of results.

It is generated when a person places the name of the company and several pages of the same name appear, this can create confusion, mistrust and in some cases an unprofessional or solid image of the business.


Managing queries on the Facebook page is essential in caring for the business. The duplication of pages generates that some inquiries are not received on the corresponding page. Clients see your company or business as a single body, and are often unhappy if their inquiry is redirected elsewhere. The priority of the queries is a fast and consistent response.


Another negative effect that having several Facebook pages can generate, since when handling so many platforms it is more possible to make the wrong decisions, which can end up damaging the presence in our networks.

So now you know

Before starting to create multiple fanpages, know a little about the alternatives. Your page likely only requires a bit of business location setup. If you want to know a little more about this process, we share the official links where you can follow step by step how to do it.

Cuauhtémoc Fonseca

Cuauhtémoc Fonseca

Soy un profesional de marketing con años de experiencia y habilidades en muchas de las diferentes áreas que conforman la mercadotecnia actual. Trabajo directamente en el desarrollo de estrategias efectivas & soluciones integrales de marketing.

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