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We invite you to know in detail our way of working, as well as the conditions so that our relationship is more productive for everyone.

All jobs require an advance payment of 50% of the agreed price before starting. The other 50% must be covered after the delivery of said work. This always applies, unless otherwise specified in writing.

All invoices must be resolved within 7 days of the issue date, unless a credit account has been assigned to you.

Invoices are sent by email only – it is the customer’s responsibility to regularly check their account.

Overdue invoices will call for an immediate cessation of work in progress.

If an account reaches 30 days from the moment it is received, a charge of 20% of the total money owed for administration expenses will be applied.

We accept direct deposits for payments, either in cash or by bank transfer.

The Speculative Works will remain the property of Temo Fonseca unless the client agrees to proceed with the use of the work and pays in full for said work, in which case Temo Fonseca assigns the client all rights, including copyright, to these Speculative Works. with effect from the date of payment of such works in which it is received in its entirety by Temo Fonseca.

The client may not use the Speculative Works or any ideas obtained from such work, unless paid in full or express written agreement is obtained from Temo Fonseca.

Great things in the business world are never done by one person. They are always carried out by a team of people.

– Steve Jobs