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Of all the marketing definitions that exist, as of today I think my favorite is that of Philip Kotler, who defines it as:

“The science and art of exploring, creating and delivering value to meet the needs of a target market for a profit. Marketing identifies unmet needs and wants. The identified market size and profit potential are defined, measured and quantified. It indicates which segments the company is capable of serving the best and designs and promotes the appropriate products and services. ”

The Dr. in Economics begins his definition with two keywords that will be able to summarize it perfectly. Marketing is a science and it is an art, a strange combination of two worlds always in motion.

“The best marketing of all is happy customers.”

-Susan Stripling

Over the years marketing has grown to be less about the product, and more about the people. I think that’s a good thing, that as a profession it has become noble over the years, and although, like all conditions involving the human element, it has had both positive and negative moments (see recently the Cambridge Analytica case), the tendency is to form relationships that are increasingly beneficial to both sides of the market.

Marketing is about creating experiences. It is one of the most diverse and complete disciplines that exist today, it is talking about a combination of curiosity, creativity, constant innovation, technologies, media, flexibility, storytelling skills, strategic thinking, human behavior among several others. With all this in mind, I have learned that as a marketer boredom is a totally discarded matter, to which must be added the constant changes and discoveries that are made every year, because the truth is that marketing continues to evolve, revolution and that It holds many new things for us.

I think these are just some of the reasons why I decided to become a marketer.

Cuauhtémoc Fonseca

Cuauhtémoc Fonseca

Soy un profesional de marketing con años de experiencia y habilidades en muchas de las diferentes áreas que conforman la mercadotecnia actual. Trabajo directamente en el desarrollo de estrategias efectivas & soluciones integrales de marketing.

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